Hosting and event development

Podiumsdiskussion DEKRA Zukunftskongress Nutzfahrzeuge 2019
DPanel discussion with representatives from Transport & Environment, EU Commission, IRO and ACEA. Photo: Thomas Küppers/ETM.

In addition to my journalistic work as editor-in-chief of lastauto omnibus, I developed the lastauto omnibus Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference. The first issue took part in 2011. The intention behind the Outlook Conference was and is an expert event that brings together the vehicle and supplier industry as well as research and science, federal and European politics on the one hand to exchange opinions with the vehicle operators and their interest associations on the other hand whenever there is no IAA commercial vehicle as an industry get-together.

Bringing people together: networking as an integral part

During the Commercial Vehicles Outlook Conference, the parties exchange ideas about where the path in research and development of commercial vehicles must lead in order to promote the sustainability of road freight transport and at the same time to preserve the economy of the means of transport. An essential part of the event is the opportunity for extensive networking.

European politics and interest groups take part

The event has developed well since 2011. Especially since the expert organisation DEKRA has contributed to the event and Berlin has been chosen as the event location, the renown and the size of the Commercial Vehicles Outlook Conference has grown considerably – beyond national borders. Representatives of European politics and European associations are now taking the opportunity to work for your interests there. Since then the event has been known as the DEKRA Commercial Vehicles Outlook Conference. Nowadays I am still responsible for the content and building the commercial vehicle technology program part. The number of participants has increased in line with the awareness level of the event. Today around 400 participants travel to the DEKRA Commercial Vehicles Outlook Conference.

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